Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Six PM

(Well, it's almost Six) I just got back from class. The buss was 15 minutes late and when it got there it was full. Always a lot of fun that is. I saw the one going the opposite direction because normally their are only two on a route around campus. Got on it, and as it was driving away I saw a thrid (empty) buss going the other direction (the direction I was supposed to be going). So all and all it took me an hour to get home. Great day.

Have some entrancing Liquid DnB to make up for whatever made your day not great. Or, if you had a great day, top it off with these.


  1. My roommate is playing the Killers as a morning tune. I'm playing the second song louder. Score.

  2. i was so tired at 6 :P hope you have a good evening <3